Writing My Life – My Life as a Pencil

My life is quite simple really. You may think that my life is just writing on and on, but its much more.

My life started in a shop. I was lying down in the house with all nine of my brothers. One day when we were doing nothing (as usual), the house started moving . My brother, Stripes shouted  ,”AHHH! IT’S AN EARTHQUAKE!!!”. Then it stopped and the roof opened up. Two weirdly shaped sticks reached in to pick one of us out. That one was me!

Wood shouted,”You’re the chosen one brother. Whoo – hoo!”. Right after that I was being  carved by a box! A box! The box said his name is ‘Sharpy’. Oh! By the way my name is Lead. I was pressed onto something called a paper. It hurt so much my head literally  fell off and I was being carved again. Then I met ‘Ruber’. She had a magical power to make everything I wrote disappear! She became my best friend.

I missed Stripes and everyone but now I had new friends, except Sharpy. He would sing while I was being painfully ‘sharpened’ by him. What I mean to say is he is a bully. Everyday i get shorter than ever. One day I got so small that the ‘human’could not hold me any more. It put me aside and picked up Twigger. I only lasted for a few months (I would have lasted for weeks but the human kept losing me. I could only see Twigger being taken out, betcha that it would have taken a few more of my brothers out while I was lost). Ruber lasted for many years.

And that my friends is my life as a pencil!


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